Critical Race Theory is not something that should be up for debate. And by that, we mean there should be absolutely no debate that it’s counterproductive and thoroughly toxic.

But New Yorker staff writer and Columbia J-school professor Jelani Cobb clearly doesn’t agree with our assessment.

According to him, it’s the Critical Race Theory opponents who are toxic:

That’s the goal of Critical Race Theory opponents? Show your work, Jelani.

It’s not surprising that someone who subscribes to and advocates for Critical Race Theory would approach it that way, but it’s quite repugnant.

Critical Race Theory opponents have never given a single indication that their goal is to whitewash racially motivated crimes or “leave the next dead black person inexplicable by history.” Their goal is to ensure that their children don’t grow up in a world that tells them they’re irredeemable unless they hate themselves.

Opposing Critical Race Theory is truly anti-racist.