Self-described “pro-Trump” Republican Florida Congressman Byron Donalds appeared this morning on CNN’s “New Day,” where he explained what he could bring to the Congressional Black Caucus — if the CBC would actually welcome him:

Well, for what it’s worth, “New Day” co-anchor Brianna Keilar apparently disagrees with Byron Donalds about his perspective being ignored. She seems to think it should be ignored, because he doesn’t know what he’s talking about and his defense of Donald Trump “might be incongruent with the mission of the CBC”:

To his credit, Rep. Donalds maintains his composure when pushing back against Keilar’s condescension.

Had we been in his position, we may not have been so generous.

Because Byron Donalds doesn’t think the way Brianna Keilar thinks he should.

That’s basically what she did there.