By now, you’ve probably heard about First Son Hunter Biden casually dropping the N-word in text messages with his white lawyer.

How about from Brian Stelter? If anyone should be all over this, it’s Brian Stelter.

Why should Brian Stelter in particular be outraged about Hunter Biden using the N-word?

This is why:

We don’t have a CNN show, but we’re pretty sure that Donald Trump Jr. talking about “making liberals cry again” isn’t quite as bad and offensive as Hunter Biden repeatedly using the N-word. As bad as Orange Man is, we haven’t seen any text messages from his kids containing the N-word.

Absolutely zero mention of Hunter Biden in last night’s “Reliable Sources” newsletter:

Guess Brian was too busy promoting his book about Fox News.

We’re trying to imagine if Brian Stelter and Co. were actual journalists instead of flaming partisan hacks.

Media firefighters are such a joke.

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with an additional tweet.