Yesterday was largely about the #FauciEmails and the fallout from those, so you may have missed this truly WTF-worthy story:

More from the AP:

The NFL on Wednesday pledged to halt the use of “race-norming” — which assumed Black players started out with lower cognitive function — in the $1 billion settlement of brain injury claims and review past scores for any potential race bias.

The practice made it harder for Black retirees to show a deficit and qualify for an award. The standards were created in the 1990s in hopes of offering more appropriate treatment to dementia patients, but critics faulted the way they were used to determine payouts in the NFL concussion case.

Wednesday’s announcement comes after a pair of Black players filed a civil rights lawsuit over the practice, medical experts raised concerns and a group of NFL families last month dropped 50,000 petitions at the federal courthouse in Philadelphia — where the lawsuit had been thrown out by the judge overseeing the settlement.

The NFL noted that the norms were developed in medicine “to stop bias in testing, not perpetrate it.” And both Seeger and the league said the practice was never mandatory, but left to the discretion of doctors taking part in the settlement program.

We didn’t think the NFL could possibly cover themselves in more glory, but they’ve managed to surprise us.

“Race-norming.” The use of “race-norming.”

Definitely worth noting.

See, in this case, “systemic racism” is an entirely appropriate term for what’s been going on. It’s been systemic, and unquestionably racist.