The Daily Beast has a new, extensive piece out on independent investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald, and they’re going at him pretty hard:

The piece focuses heavily on Greenwald’s Fox News appearances … which would explain how the article got CNN hall monitor Brian Stelter’s attention:

Thank you for bringing that Betsy Reed quote to everyone’s attention, Brian.

True story.

Needless to say, Greenwald himself has some thoughts to share with Stelter:


Oh yeah? Well, in your face, Glenn Greenwald:

More than 900,000 viewers, eh? That’s substantially fewer than Brian Stelter initially suggested in his now-deleted original response to Greenwald:

Hundreds of millions of viewers!

Guys, we can’t. Seriously, we can’t.

OK, maybe just a little bit more:


Just take the L, Brian.

Can we get in on that?