Former Planned Parenthood head and current CNN medical analyst Dr. Leana Wen is very concerned about the ramifications of the COVID19 pandemic possibly originating in a lab.

No, not because that would mean that a deadly global pandemic got its start in a virology research lab, but because it could “increase anti-Asian hate” in America:

Um, it’s not. Who said it was? From the get-go, the focus has been on the Chinese government’s role in potentially one of the most dangerous and consequential governmental coverups in history. At least that’s been the focus of people who aren’t beholden to the Chinese government. People like the editors of the Washington Post, where Leana Wen is a contributing columnist.

But “Brazil variant,” “South Africa variant,” and “India variant” are OK?

Anti-Asian racism and hate are indeed a problem in this country. But to suggest that it stems from COVID19 is to be willfully intellectually dishonest. Not to mention it just doesn’t make logical sense.