Antisemitic violence is on the rise (even more than usual) in America, but don’t forget about Islamophobia. Apparently Islamophobes are running around throwing rocks at Muslims and beating them with their fists and crutches.

Just ask the Left.

The memo definitely went out among the über-progressive wing:

Apparently it’s very, very difficult for some people to speak up against antisemitism specifically.


What’s going on?

A willingness to condemn antisemitism specifically seems like a rarity in the Democratic Party:

We’d like to hear from those others. Because so far, most of them haven’t been willing to speak up. Looking at you, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.

God forbid these people just straight-up condemn blatant bigotry.


“All Lives Matter.”

The antisemitism is literally coming from inside the House, and the Democrats don’t give a damn.