Earlier this week, Florida reporter Jay O’Brien urged people to “stop paying attention” to faux whistleblower Rebekah Jones:

O’Brien understood what precious few in the mainstream media did: that Rebekah Jones is a pathological liar and grifter.

If you haven’t already read Charles C.W. Cooke’s thorough and brutal takedown of Jones, rectify that immediately.

And then take a look at this:

Rebekah Jones has got Rebekah Jones dead to rights.

Should be lit.



Tweeter @MaxNordau has been working diligently to expose Rebekah Jones’ fraud from the get-go, and he’s been targeted by Jones as a result.

But now, he’s been nothing if not thoroughly vindicated:

This tweet nicely sums up the predicament that Rebekah Jones currently finds herself in:

We’re not sure she’s capable of #3, but she should probably make the effort anyway.