Emily Wilder was recently hired by the Associated Press — and subsequently fired, purportedly for violating the AP’s social media policy:

Wilder, who worked with the Arizona Republic upon graduation until this May, became a national news story after the Stanford College Republicans wrote a Twitter thread Monday highlighting Wilder’s pro-Palestine activism in college as well as some of her old Facebook posts. In one post, Wilder referred to the late Sheldon Adelson — who was a Jewish billionaire, Republican mega-donor and staunch defender of Israel — as a “naked mole rat.”

“They told me that I violated their social media policy and would be terminated immediately, but they never said which tweet or post violated the policy,” she said. “I asked them, ‘Please tell me what violated the policy,’ and they said, ‘No.'”

An Associated Press spokesperson confirmed to SFGATE that Wilder “was dismissed for violations of AP’s social media policy during her time at AP,” but did not address any other issue Wilder raised, stating that the AP generally does not comment on personnel matters.

Wilder said that because her editor originally noted that “everyone had opinions in college,” she sees her firing as selective enforcement against those who have expressed criticisms of Israel.

If Wilder indeed lost her job for opinions she expressed in college and not as an employee of the AP, it seems reasonable to put this in the “cancel culture” pile, even if you disagree with Wilder’s views.

It’s also reasonable to roll your eyes at tweets like Glenn Kessler’s, given the rabid enthusiasm with which the woke Left tries to cancel conservatives and anyone who has ever expressed an opinion with which they disagree.

We’ll give Jeff Blehar the last word, as he puts this issue in perspective quite well: