Have we been wrong about Ilhan Omar this whole time? After seeing this tweet from her, we can’t help but wonder:

We … agree with her. Hell has officially frozen over.

We’re being facetious, of course. Although her condemnation describes Hamas to a T, we know Ilhan Omar too well to actually believe she’s referring to Hamas.

In Ilhan Omar’s eyes, the only real war criminals are the Israelis. All roads lead back to the Israel, i.e. the Jews.

It’s always the Jews’ fault. No matter what the problem is, it’s the Jews who caused it.

Ilhan Omar supports terrorists? Fact check: zero Pinocchios.

Ilhan Omar understands; she’s just counting on her mindless followers not to.

Because she’s a bad and dishonest person.

Now there’s a thought.



As Hamas terrorists literally hide behind civilians to attack Israel, Ilhan Omar does her part to dispel ‘the myth of ‘human shield’ in Palestine’