Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot won’t grant interviews to white journalists. Not to be outdone, journalists at NPR are encouraging their fellow journalists not to interview so many white experts:

If you’re a journalist and are thinking of interviewing a source who happens to be white, maybe NPR will get you to reconsider.

Conveniently, you can search for “diverse sources” by state as well as by area of expertise. This way, you’ll be able to more easily avoid talking to white people who also might know a lot about things like … math and science and politics and other issues that pertain to people of all races.

OK, you know, the more we think about this, the less exciting it seems.

Why is some discrimination more equal than others?

Ideological diversity is just not as important in journalism.

Very special.

To be clear, there’s nothing inherently wrong with seeking out diverse sources. But NPR’s commitment to diversity appears to be all about racial diversity, as though race should be the defining characteristic of a potential source. Don’t intellect and knowledge trump race when seeking out experts? What if the issue in question has nothing to do with race? Isn’t there more to people than race?

If an expert on a particular subject happens to be a person of color, that’s great. But don’t they deserve to be considered based on qualities other than race?