Team Journalist has spent the past several days rending their garments over the IDF’s airstrike against a building that housed AP and Al-Jazeera offices, conveniently downplaying the fact that said building was also a haven for Hamas terrorists.

GOP Sen. Tom Cotton recently had the gall to point that out:

And that didn’t sit well with the anti-Israel, pro-Hamas contingent on Twitter. Or, as it happens, with Twitter themselves:

Twitter’s framing of the controversy — which shouldn’t even be a controversy, if we’re being honest — was missing some important context and details. That left it up to people like attorney Jeff Blehar, aka @EsotericCD, to put Cotton’s remarks in perspective:

Here’s former AP reporter Matti Friedman’s 2014 piece.


This is a thing that happens. The AP knows it. And so do the rest of the media.