Plenty of self-proclaimed human rights activists have weighed in on the escalating Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and rarely have they had anything constructive to contribute to the discourse.

But, as stupid and tiresome and asinine and obnoxious as their takes have been, they don’t carry quite as much weight as, say, takes from the Chinese government, which has a seat at the U.N. table.

For the record, here’s what the ChiComs have to say about Israel’s actions, as well as the U.S.’s alliance with Israel:

The ChiComs have got some nerve. We’ll give them that much.

It figures that the CCP would whitewash Palestinian terrorism against Israel, as the CCP is not known for siding with the best people. And the Chinese government is literally one of the last governments on earth with any moral standing to be disappointed by America’s support for Israel, given their own decades-long record of human rights abuses.

They literally do.

Yes and yes.