Last week, The Onion took what we assume was supposed to be a humorous, satirical look at the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict:

Fast-forward to today, and they’re still at it:

You’ve been an enormous help, The Onion.

“So good”:

Thus, we urge Israel’s government in the strongest possible terms to obliterate corporate headquarters and subsidiaries, as well as all buildings containing any work-share spaces or storage lockers we may have rented. In recognition of the crucial strategic importance of this act, we urge Israel not to give any advance warning to the tenants located in these buildings, as there could be no legitimate reason for working so close to potential terrorists beyond a desire to serve as a human shield.

(The Israeli military warned the tenants of the Gaza building that housed AP and Al-Jazeera offices before launching the airstrike, but The Onion’s got a narrative to push.)

Clearly they don’t. If they did, they’d be ashamed of peddling pro-Hamas propaganda.

This certainly doesn’t inspire confidence in the U.S. media’s ability to distinguish between good and evil.

Look: The Onion is free to keep churning out these tiresome, intellectually dishonest takes. But if you’re looking for quality satire that is actually rooted in reality (like quality satire should be), you’ll have to look elsewhere.