Far-Left actor Mark Ruffalo was thoroughly disgusted to learn that Israel’s official Twitter account has been trivializing Palestinian civilians’ deaths by callously tweeting rocket emojis:

Thank you to VICE for bringing this very important story to Ruffalo’s — and our — attention:

Israel was indeed tweeting rocket emojis earlier today:

So unusually cruel and obscene. And, as Marc Lamont Hill points out, gross:

It’s gross, people! Shame on Israel engaging in such gross social media behavior!

Or … not.

Don’t give Hill that much credit, as he doesn’t even acknowledge the purpose behind Israel’s rocket emoji tweets:

Guess Marc Lamont Hill can’t let context stand in the way of the narrative. Not when that narrative is anti-Zionist and antisemitic.

Sorry, but the truth has no place in Marc Lamont Hill’s world.

Would it be gross if Gaza or Pakistan were using rocket emojis to make the same point as Israel is trying to make?

So, just in case there was any doubt as to Marc Lamont Hill’s intentions, there he is admitting that he purposely ignored the meaning of Israel’s rocket emoji tweets.

All in the name of justice or something.

Guess Marc Lamont Hill et al.’s work here is done.