This past weekend, we told you about Disney’s in-house Critical Race Theory program, as reported by Christopher Rufo.

On May 10, Disney issued a statement saying that the nature and purpose of “Reimagine Tomorrow” documents were “being deliberately distorted.”

That statement was a steaming pile of BS, of course. Not to mention desperate.

Just the sort of statement you’d expect from someone trying to wiggle out of an impending PR disaster.

And speaking of PR disasters, yesterday, Rufo got a look at the status of “Reimagine Tomorrow” on Disney’s internal portal, and wouldn’t you know it:

How do you like that?

If this is what it looks like, then hats off to Christopher Rufo.

Dare we hope that Disney — and other woke corporations — will think twice before throwing their lot in with Critical Race Theory?

What will Christopher Rufo find when the 72 hours have passed? Stay tuned to see …



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