QAnon has been good for business, at least when it comes to the MSM. The conspiracy theory has given outlets like CNN something to talk about so that they don’t have to address the conspiracy theories that the Left has been churning out for the past several years.

This morning, CNN’s “New Day” managed to dig up an alleged former QAnon devotee — from Australia, mind you — to discuss just how pernicious and pervasive the right-wing conspiracy theory really is:

Real News, Mr. President!

The very same.

So, if we’re understanding him correctly, this Jitarth Jadeja guy was stupid enough to buy into the QAnon stuff.

And we can only assume that now he feels stupid for being so stupid and has to make himself feel better by saying that lots of people are as stupid as he was.


John Berman actually says that the media have been fueling the QAnon conspiracy by spreading misinformation. We’re guessing he didn’t mean for that to be as damning to CNN as it came off to us.

CNN and the MSM need QAnon, just like they need Donald Trump.