Multiple media outlets were left with egg on their faces — not that that actually bothers them — after botching a scoop on the FBI warning OAN and Rudy Giuliani that they were “the [targets] of a Russia influence operation.”

New York Magazine’s Jonathan Chait is willing to concede that the media fumbled the ball on this one, but let’s face it: Russia collusion happened and Republicans are just using the media’s mistake to justify Team Trump’s collusion with Russia.

No, really. This is Chait’s story, and he’s sticking to it:

Yes, let’s see what Chait writes, shall we?

Giuliani’s media supporters immediately seized on this episode to reiterate their favorite defense of the scandal: It’s just more Russia collusion hoaxery. “You would think, after the journalistic failure of the Russia collusion hoax, that they might be wary of sinister interests in Washington who peddle misinformation about Trump and his associates under cover of anonymity,” scolded a New York Post columnist. “The Russia Collusion Smear Returns,” proclaims a The Wall Street Journal editorial.

Republicans seize!

And in conclusion:

When conservatives invoke the “Russia collusion smear,” what they actually mean is that they believe colluding with Russia is perfectly fine. Russia and Trump have a shared interest in helping Trump win reelection and pumping damaging stories about Biden into American media. They think Russia’s efforts are laudable, and it’s fine for Trump to cooperate with them.

It’s good that Jonathan Chait finds ways to stay busy.