Been feeling like a trip to the grocery store costs a lot more lately? How about a trip to the gas station?

Well, as it turns out, both of those things have gotten more expensive since Joe Biden became president. They’ve gotten a lot more expensive, actually:

We’re not sure it’s really a “SHOCK,” CBS News. After all, this is pretty much the sort of stuff you expect when supply chains get disrupted — and when the government starts throwing free money at people.

Nope, no inflation.

And no mean tweets, thank God.


We’ve been wondering exactly what “Build Back Better” would entail. Particularly since lumber prices have shot up even higher than grocery and gas prices.

Maybe Joe Biden and congressional Dems should propose an American Groceries Act to help consumers pay for all the stuff that the free money has made so damn expensive.

Really came outta nowhere, didn’t it?

Nonsense. This only has to be on Joe Biden if he wants it to be:

It has to be. It just has to be.