Recently, Tucker Carlson engaged his viewers in a thought exercise. What would it look like if people who didn’t wear masks outdoors gave self-appointed mask scolds a taste of their own medicine?

It should go without saying that no, you should not, in fact call the police or CPS on parents with kids in masks outdoors. It should also go without saying that Tucker Carlson is not, in fact, seriously telling his viewers to do that.

And it should also go without saying that Carlson’s point was lost on a lot of media firefighters, who are just relieved that Carlson has given them another reason to clutch their pearls.

Here’s Washington Post media critic Erik Wemple, who took the bait like a charm:

Great journalisming, Erik!

Looks like Tucker Carlson (and Donald Trump) calculated correctly.

Bless your heart, Erik.

Bless it so much.

Nice work if you can get it.



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