Former CIA Director John Brennan has some thoughts about the U.S. government’s policy toward Israel, and she shared those concerns in a “guest essay” for the New York Times:

Brennan watched a Palestinian movie, you see, and it really made him think about how horrible Israel really is and all the damage we’ve done by enabling and encouraging their system of apartheid toward Palestinians.

Brennan writes:

Unfortunately, during the Trump years, the United States ignored Palestinian interests and aspirations. Mr. Trump moved the American Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, rejecting the position of all previous U.S. administrations that it would endanger final status negotiations on that contested city. He senselessly severed funding to the Palestinian Authority and ended our contributions to the United Nations for Palestinian refugee assistance.

In a welcome change, the Biden administration has authorized the release of $235 million for humanitarian, economic and development programs supporting Palestinians in the West Bank, Gaza and elsewhere in the region.

The concluding scene of “The Present” shows Yusuf, tired and hobbled with back pain, increasingly angry and on the verge of violence as he attempts to return home with the anniversary gift. His chilling, emotional outburst made me think of the frustration felt by every Palestinian who has to live with the stifling security measures and political oppression attendant to Israel’s military occupation.

“Unfortunately,” Donald Trump “senselessly severed funding to the Palestinian Authority and ended our contributions to the United Nations for Palestinian refugee assistance.” Yes, how unfortunate that our tax dollars no longer went toward helping people who hate Israel.

Apparently it never occurred to John Brennan that Palestinians’ “frustration” might stem from the fact that terrorists regularly fire rockets into highly populated areas and set off bombs to kill people in the name of Palestinian rights, leaving Israel with no choice but to retaliate.

Anyway, according to Brennan, if anyone should be able to sympathize with the Palestinians’ plight, it’s Israel. Because, well, you know. That whole Holocaust thing:

We find it difficult to fathom how John Brennan can sleep at night.