Have you guys heard that Joe Biden wants to ban meat? It’s ridiculous, of course. Joe Biden can’t take our animal flesh away, not even from our cold, dead hands.

That said, though, Joe Biden should really consider banning meat.

Here, let Vox’s Zack Beauchamp do what he gets paid to do and explain it to the rest of us:

Beauchamp writes:

Of course, Biden’s climate change plan does not limit meat-eating in any way. A Washington Post fact-check traced the burger-banning Biden myth back to a misleading article in the Daily Mail, a UK tabloid known for sensationalist coverage and right-wing politics. Biden’s actual climate policies so far have focused on reducing emissions from cars and power plants, with no effort to block meat production or consumption.

At first blush, this is yet another instance of a fake outrage cycle in the right-wing echo chamber pegged to a lie. But there’s something more distressing here too — it’s the latest example of how efforts to curb the climate crisis and our reliance on meat are becoming just the latest flashpoints in our all-consuming culture wars.

The grain of truth in the Republican claims (agri-pun intended) is that any serious climate change plan needs to do something about meat production. A recent paper in Science, a leading academic journal, found that food-related emissions alone put the Paris climate agreement’s warming target of 1.5 degrees Celsius out of reach. The most effective way to address these emissions, according to the paper’s authors, is a global shift away from meat consumption.

Biden’s climate policies so far have not advanced this goal, so those conservative potshots over the weekend were lies. But here’s the thing: Biden’s plan absolutely should do something about industrial farming. Any plan to tackle climate change should do something to decrease America’s reliance on the meat industry — moonshot subsidies for lab-grown meat, for example.

Joe Biden is not banning meat and conservatives are stupid for thinking he’d do something like that and also Joe Biden should do something like that.

Keep up the great work, Zack.

Is Zack’s thinking that if he suggests it first, it won’t annoy people as much if Biden eventually decides to crack down on beef consumption? Or is Zack just fantasizing about things he would do if he were running the show?

We’re honestly not entirely sure, though we do feel confident in saying that Zack Beauchamp is a virtue-signaling, wannabe-authoritarian hack who deserves to get roasted for this.

Well, at least not all of us choose to be that way.



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