Where’s the beef?

Well, if it’s in your fridge, and you’re trying to figure out what to do with it, looks like you won’t get any ideas from popular recipe site Epicurious.

Not anymore:


That’s cute.

OK, Epicurious. We’ll bite. What’s your goal here?

We believe that what we cook, and how we cook it, is a powerful action that anybody can take to fight climate change. Our mission at Epicurious is to provide cooking inspiration; the dinner ideas we suggest often make their way from our kitchens to yours. Abstaining from beef means we can use our resources to focus our recipes on more climate-friendly foods. Our hope is that the more sustainable we make our coverage, the more sustainable American cooking will become.

So you’re getting rid of all the beef content on your site? Even the old stuff?

No. All our previously published beef content is still available and there are no plans to remove it. You may also see beef pop up in our recipe galleries, most of which are archival pieces of content that get lightly updated every year.

So, you’re not doing a complete beef purge, then. People can still cause climate change by using your recipe to make a Steakburger with Tangy Caramelized Onions and Herb Butter? And what about all the pigs and sheep and turkeys and whatnot that also contribute to climate change? Shouldn’t you guys go totally meatless, just to be safe?

Goats and sheep—which, like cows, are ruminants—emit methane in the same way cattle do, and according to the WRI, lamb is even more destructive to the climate than beef is. However, people in the U.S. don’t currently eat nearly as much lamb and goat as they do beef.

Then it should be a lot easier for you guys to get rid of all your lamb recipes, shouldn’t it?

It’s hard not to conclude that this “no new beef” pledge little more than empty virtue signaling.

Sounds about right.

Apparently they’re hoping that there are still a lot of April fools out there:

We see you, Epicurious.