Progressive Democratic Rep. Mondaire Jones is an idiot, but did you know he’s also a bigot?

We know, we’re just as shocked at you are that a compassionate progressive liberal Democrat would say something like this about Democratic Sen. Kyrsten Sinema:

More from Politico:

Rep. Mondaire Jones (D-N.Y.), who is one of the first openly gay black members of Congress, is quick with a laugh. But he’s also ready to put up a fight for progressive policy goals that he says more of the party should get behind. He’s a member you should know.

The New York progressive has a bone to pick with some moderate Dem senators. “I think we need more progressives in the Congress.” (Jones told me the greatest lesson he learned while working at the Justice Department during the Obama administration is “how not to waste time trying to appease Republicans who are not engaging in good faith over policy.”)

The real senator he can’t seem to stand? Sen. Krysten [sic] Sinema (D-Ariz.). “The bone I have to pick is not with the failure of West Virginia to elect a more progressive candidate,” he said pointing to Manchin. “The bones that I have to pick are with other states that could easily be electing progressive candidates to the Senate. This idea that the senior senator from Arizona, who’s openly LGBTQ, would be blocking the Equality Act or the $15 minimum wage after beginning her career in politics as a Green Party candidate — it is just extraordinary.” (Some electoral context on Arizona: Sinema, elected in 2018, won her seat by 2.4 percentage points. Freshman Sen. Mark Kelly (D-Ariz.) won in Arizona in 2020 by 2.4 points while Biden won the state by just three-tenths of a point.)

Politico’s right: Mondaire Jones is definitely a member you should know. You should know that he believes sexual orientation should dictate how one votes, and that all LGBTQ people should believe the same things.

We’d say he’s actually being pretty explicit about it.