It’s been nothing short of fascinating to watch the Black Lives Matter crowd tie themselves into knots to make Ma’Khia Bryant a martyr for being shot by Columbus Police while trying to stab another black girl.

Take Touré, for instance. This dude has made a pretty successful living out of accusing white people of racism while saying racist (and anti-Semitic) things.

And here he is, trying to shame “the Right” for believing that police shouldn’t’ve just stood there and let Ma’Khia Bryant stab someone to death.

Should four police have opened fire on Ma’Khia Bryant? Would that have done more to reassure Touré that they made the right decision?


And that just shows how racist and insincere the Right is, apparently.

Touré would also take his chances with a knife wound. Or, more accurately, he would presumably let his own children take their chances with a knife wound:

The “pink sweatsuit” came inches away from getting murdered by Ma’Khia Bryant, Touré.

If Touré didn’t already exist, we’d have to invent him. This is wild, wild stuff.

The situation as the police officer understood it was that Ma’Khia Bryant had a knife and was trying to stab people with it. The situation was that Ma’Khia Bryant might have killed someone and wasn’t interested in peacefully resolving the conflict.

And now, Touré is in a situation where he’s decided that “pink sweatsuit” should have allowed herself to become collateral damage in the fight for racial justice. Because Black Lives Matter. Or something.

It’s twisted.

And ultimately, it hurts the cause that Touré and others claim to champion.

It may also hurt the party who claims to champion the cause:

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