Democrats love to rail against institutional discrimination and racism, but when push comes to shove, they’re actually pretty OK with it.

For example, for some time now, colleges and universities have rejected applications from Asian and Asian American students only to accept students who may academically be less qualified. And Democrats have demonstrated that they’re willing to perpetuate that discrimination, as shown by the Biden DOJ’s decision to drop the discrimination lawsuit against Yale University.

Well, now that Democrats like Sen. Mazie Hirono are busy trying to convince us all that they give a damn about anti-Asian discrimination, GOP Sen. Ted Cruz is asking them to put their money where their big mouths are:


Surely even the Democrats can get behind this one, right?

Actually we wouldn’t be surprised if they find a reason to reject Cruz’s amendment. They’ve shown over and over again that to them, some discrimination is just more equal than others. To them, Asians are only minorities when it’s convenient for the woke narrative.

Stay tuned …