Wow, Ted Cruz just got royally busted by The Recount.

Check it out:

Look at him standing there, lying his butt off. The GOP didn’t try to pack the courts when they held the Senate majority? As if!

Yes, Cruz’s claim is positively Orwellian!

Tell him, Kurt Bardella:

Bardella’s former paycheck signers at the Lincoln Project saw it, too:

And Rick Wilson, who has even less shame than Bardella and thus still hasn’t left the Lincoln Project, also thinks Ted Cruz is dead to rights on court packing:

“Fat Wolverine.” Huh. Sounds like a nickname Donald Trump might’ve come up with.

Rick Wilson can’t.

These clowns raked in millions of dollars from people who were dumb enough to believe that the Lincoln Project guys were brilliant.

These clowns evidently have no effing clue what “court packing” actually is, but they’re so hellbent on dunking on Ted Cruz that they’re willing to humiliate themselves for fleeting Resistance points.

Time for the Lincoln Project to do some packing and get the hell out of here.



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