Earlier this month, Grace Church math teacher Paul Rossi risked his job and spoke out against the pernicious culture of wokeness and Critical Race Theory that he felt was doing irreparable damage to students.

Rossi’s powerful statement ultimately led to him losing his job (Rossi has been barred from teaching for the remainder of the term and has not renewed his contract for the next school year). But Rossi is not going quietly:

Rossi is alleging that school head George Davison made some very damning admissions about Grace Church’s anti-racist policies. Davison denies these allegations.

We believe Paul Rossi, too. Because he’s got hard evidence on his side:

Paul Rossi wasn’t misquoting George Davison. He wasn’t misrepresenting him, or falsely attributing words to him. George Davison actually said those things. It’s right there on the tape.

Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? There needs to be.

Here’s hoping.



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