The border crisis may be growing exponentially worse with each passing day, but that doesn’t mean that the Biden administration isn’t working diligently on fixing it.

Actually, in this case, that’s exactly what it means. The Biden administration’s border policies directly resulted in what we’re seeing at the southern border right now, but instead of tackling the migrant surges that have detention facilities grossly overcrowded, they’re tackling what they seem to think is the real problem: language. Specifically, the language regarding illegal immigration:

Great. This solves absolutely nothing, but at least the administration can feel good about not offending people’s delicate verbal sensibilities.

Personally, we thought actively and deliberately enticing people to illegally immigrate to this country and then sticking them in overcrowded detention facilities is a lot more offensive than “unaccompanied alien children” — who, by the way, are the most innocent victims who suffer the most — but we’re old-fashioned like that.

Such decisive action from Joe Biden et al.