Whether or not you’re a fan of Greg Gutfeld’s new weeknight show “Gutfeld!” on Fox News, the fact remains that he’s kicking the rest of late-night comedy talk show hosts’ butt.

Well, except for Stephen Colbert’s, that is. But if this is what Colbert’s got to offer, it probably won’t take Gutfeld too long to overtake him, too:

Tangerine Ballbag! SCROTUS!

Oh, Stephen Colbert, you genius! How do you come up with this stuff? Oh, sorry. Technically you didn’t even come up with it; your viewers did. Clearly your comedic chops have rubbed off on them.

We will never not be impressed by Stephen Colbert’s ability to keep using Donald Trump for comedic material even though Donald Trump is no longer president and Joe Biden is a genuine comedy goldmine largely untapped by late-night comedy geniuses.

Jim, it became stalking a while ago. We’re genuinely disturbed by the amount of time and energy Stephen Colbert has dedicated to Donald Trump, especially after Trump left the White House.

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