Canada’s health care system is so much more progressive and worldly and sophisticated than America’s is. And yet, their COVID19 vaccine rollout hasn’t been a roaring success.

In fact, it’s apparently been pretty embarrassing. Embarrassing, but not surprising.

Or at least it shouldn’t be surprising, unless you’re someone like CNN’s Jake Tapper, who apparently found this situation remarkable enough to share an Atlantic piece attempting to explain exactly what’s going on with America’s hat:

Real head-scratcher, that one!

Wrapped in an enigma and covered with cheese curds and gravy.

That’s probably what Brian Stelter would say, but nope. That’s not it.


So, so weird.


Anthony Fauci has been a disaster. The CDC doesn’t seem to know what the hell they’re doing.

But take heart: at least we don’t have universal health care!

Let’s hope it stays that way.

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