Daunte Wright was shot and killed by Kim Potter, a police officer who is not only white, but also female.

And that’s conclusive proof of the real problem of white supremacy, which is, of course, whiteness itself.

Consider this very thoughtful take from “The Black Friend” author Frederick Joseph, published by the only noted sociopolitical issues journal that can also tell you the top 15 ways to rock your man’s world, Cosmopolitan:

This word salad is great for ladies watching their weight, as while it’s heavy on the critical race theory mumbo jumbo, it’s extremely light on substance:

This is why the terms “intersectionality” and “caste“, coined respectively by Kimberlé Crenshaw and Isabel Wilkerson, are so important. Intersectionality helps understand the various ways we individually exist within oppressive systems and caste speaks to the hierarchy of power within said systems. White women, for example, exist at the intersection of both whiteness and womanhood. Though they may exist at other intersections, including those of socio-politics and economics, understanding the hierarchy of power in America through a lens of caste is crucial context. From education and finance to justice and media, every system in America is founded upon and rooted in white supremacy. Therefore, a person who can claim whiteness has more power within those systems than those who cannot.

As I discuss in my book, The Black Friend: On Being A Better White Person, the problem of white supremacy isn’t white men, but rather whiteness. Which white women are absolutely a part of.

Whiteness has always been and continues to be the dominant source of power in America’s systems, which is why white women within those systems have more power than everyone other than white men. White women have been conditioned to use their victimization within patriarchal structures as a tool to negate accountability for how they benefit from and perpetrate white supremacy. While they themselves may be drowning at times due to white men, they are also responsible for everyone else sinking as well. Many things can be true at the same time.

What can also be true is that race hustlers like Frederick Joseph will ascribe anything and everything to racism because it allows them to literally capitalize on violence. Whether or not the violence is racially motivated is irrelevant to them; their goal is not to end racism, but to perpetuate it.