In case you missed it, GOP Sen. John Cornyn wondered aloud if President Joe Biden is really running the show:

These are fair issues to raise. Biden is the President of the United States, after all. He’s supposed to do interviews and talk to people and whatnot.

For what it’s worth, the Washington Post’s Aaron Blake took great offense to Cornyn’s question:

Blake writes:

Just a U.S. senator asking some questions.

Cornyn’s tweet builds upon a whisper campaign among conservatives that perhaps Biden isn’t actually engaged in doing his job. Some have even suggested that Vice President Harris is actually in charge or will be soon — a suggestion that, at its worst, carries real dog-whistles given her status as the first woman and first Black person to hold that job.

It’s a baseless and ugly bit of innuendo. There is no question the White House — just as the Biden campaign did — has motives beyond good government for keeping a lower profile and keeping Biden on-script. He has for years made a habit of stepping in it with his public comments. And the stakes are significantly higher now that he is the leader of the free world.

So, in addition to daring to question Joe Biden’s presidential fitness, John Cornyn was also possibly blowing a racist dog-whistle? Is there anyone who actually doubts for a second that Kamala Harris didn’t agree to be Joe Biden’s vice president for the express purpose of ultimately becoming president? And what’s baseless about any of this? Even Aaron Blake can’t deny that Joe Biden has a knack for jamming his foot into his mouth.

So come on, Aaron.

It’s one of the words, anyway.

Cornyn was pointing out that Joe Biden has been pretty scarce and beholden to his handlers since he took office. That’s actually a legitimate concern to have.

What’s less legitimate is Aaron Blake’s righteous indignation.

Funny you should say that:

That’s him, all right.

You’ve earned that L, Aaron. Enjoy it.

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