Still not sure how you feel about Democrats’ proposals to cancel student loan debt? Maybe Democratic Rep. Ayanna Pressley can persuade you to see the progressive light:

She says that like it’s a bad thing. Ibram X. Kendi is one of the biggest “anti-racists” out there, and the less we have in common with someone that insane — and racist — the better.

But we’re feeling generous today, so we’ll play along with Ayanna Pressley’s little thought exercise. If we interpret “anti-racist” as “against racism,” how does Pressley conclude that being against paying off other people’s student debt makes one racist? Because it seems to us that Pressley’s assumptions about who needs their debt paid off is … actually kinda racist.

But aside from the inherent racism in Pressley’s assertion, it’s also just plain stupid. It’s incredibly stupid, if we’re being honest.

Here’s the best explanation we’ve seen:

Pretty much.

It’s also very, very regressive.

Progressivism is ultimately regressive.

Narrator: Ayanna Pressley is not better than this.

But we have no doubt that she can still get much, much worse.