Vox’s Aaron Rupar has taken a lot of conservative heat over his penchant for dishonestly framing Republicans’ and conservatives’ remarks despite posting video that proves he’s lying.

But Aaron’s turning over a new leaf. This time, he’s not going to put words in a Republican’s mouth. This time, he’s gonna let the Republican’s own words speak for themselves, without casting any judgment, for two whole seconds:

See what he did there? Aaron Rupar used Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey’s own words to nail him to the wall on immigration and … wait a minute. What, exactly, did Aaron do there?

We assume Aaron was trying to make the point that Republicans are obsessed with the border crisis and that’s, like, totally lame and stuff, but, well, Ducey is the Governor of Arizona, which is a southern border state. So, when you think about it, Ducey’s two-second remark that “the border needs attention” actually sums things up quite nicely.

Bang-up job as usual, Aaron Rupar. Just the sort of quality reporting we’ve come to expect from a Vox journalist.

Well, to be fair, Aaron Rupar is ultimately a nobody, so it kind of fits.

Even WaPo’s Glenn Kessler is confronting the fact that the Biden administration has absolutely no control over the situation at the border. But Aaron’s not ready to stop spinning just yet. Not by a long shot.