Thank goodness Donald Trump is no longer in the White House! Remember how badly he screwed up on illegal immigration at our southern border?

What a relief it is to have Joe Biden as president now, and to know that the illegal immigration crisis is solved.

The Washington Post reports:

See? Everything’s great!

Just great.

Glenn Kessler, for one, can’t wrap his head around it:

Well shoot, Glenn.

Joe Biden’s administration would never do something like that!

So, what you’re saying is … this isn’t just a predictable seasonal bump?

Oops! WaPo’s bad!

OK, well, what’s the Washington Post going to do about this now?

That would certainly be a start. And it actually wouldn’t be the first time they’d had to do some tweaking:

Good times.

OK, well, what else could WaPo do to help set the record straight?

That counter’s gonna need to go pretty high …

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