If Jen Psaki ever decides to resign her position as White House Press Secretary, Joe Biden’s gonna need to find a replacement who’s at least as comfortable as Jen with lying. Probably even more comfortable with lying, assuming that’s possible.

Because Psaki seems literally incapable of opening her mouth without feeding into a fake narrative. When Fox News’ Peter Doocy asked her how the White House felt about the MLB’s decision to move the All-Star Game from Atlanta to Denver over Georgia’s new election law, here’s what Psaki said:

Vox’s Aaron Rupar — who, like Jen Psaki, also has a history of lying without remorse — seems to think that Psaki’s the one who came out of the exchange looking good. And Aaron Rupar, like Jen Psaki, is also wrong.

First of all, no one said that Colorado’s election laws are overly restrictive; they include some policies that are similar to policies in Georgia’s new election law. Colorado requires ID to vote, which for some reason is only racist in states with Republican governors.

Also, Psaki is being dishonest about “the context.” Georgia’s law is not “built on a lie,” but the White House, Democratic, and media narrative about Georgia’s law certainly is. They have literally been lying to everyone about the nature of SB 202. “Jim Crow on steroids” is not an honest characterization of the law, but it came all the way from the White House.

Whatever heavy lifting is required to maintain their narrative. And even though they suck at it so badly

They keep getting away with it, at least as far as the alleged Guardians of Truth are concerned.



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