We’re extremely tempted to preface this story with a series of expletives, because that’s what this story merits.

But we can’t. So we’ll just say instead that what Spirit Airlines has done to a Jewish family that includes a pregnant mother to a two-year-old daughter and special-needs son is unconscionable:


This isn’t about protecting the health of passengers. This isn’t about public health at all.

It’s a sickening and demented power play by staff to punish a family for the hell of it.

The family did nothing wrong. The parents were both in masks. The little girl is two years old. Her older brother is a special-needs child:

No serious, intellectually honest person could reasonably expect those children to wear masks and keep them on.

And those children shouldn’t’ve had to.

And the Spirit Airlines employees who harassed and punished that family are the ones who deserve to be punished.

They do seem to have a particular beef with Jews, don’t they?

Spirit Airlines has definitely got some explaining to do … but this will have to suffice for the time being:

That’s something, at least. But it’s not enough.

Or vouchers to fly on a different airline.

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