This past weekend, Yahoo! News White House correspondent Hunter Walker complained about all the conservatives sharing the story of Pakistani immigrant Muhammad Anwar’s murder by two black teen girls:

Apparently conservatives aren’t allowed to be upset when an innocent man is murdered, because their outrage is insincere and racist.

Hunter Walker can say whatever he pleases and it won’t amount to much, but Wajahat Ali is the son of Pakistani immigrants like Muhammad Anwar, so his takes carry a lot more weight in situations like this.

And his take is … basically the same as Hunter Walker’s. Only worse:

Was Wajahat Ali too busy writing about how “the right” doesn’t care about minorities being murdered to notice that conservatives have spent a lot of time condemning Derek Chauvin for killing George Floyd? For Ali to paint conservatives’ outrage over Anwar’s murder and concern for the welfare of others like Anwar as rooted in racism is deranged and demented.

Ali is literally shaming Ben Shapiro for caring about Muhammad Anwar, and on top of that, lying about Shapiro’s Breitbart career. Shapiro left Breitbart because Steve Bannon wanted it to be “a platform for the alt-right.” Ali is literally shaming Tucker Carlson for caring about Muhammad Anwar and excusing George Floyd’s murder, despite the fact that Carlson has not excused George Floyd’s murder or defended Derek Chauvin’s actions.

But Wajahat Ali is nothing if not a smear merchant, and he’s made it his mission in life to vilify conservatives, even if it’s done at the expense of the truth.

Of course the likes of Ilhan Omar and Mehdi Hasan endorse it:

TFW actual bigots falsely accuse non-bigots of bigotry.

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