Here’s an update on the recent assault of a 65-year-old Asian woman by a black male suspect:

So, it’s fair to say that Brandon Elliot has a history of violence. Convicted of murder, arrested for assault … this is not a wholesome young man we’re dealing with. And we’d like to know how anyone could explain Elliot’s violence by citing white supremacy.

But maybe Resistance Dr. Eugene Gu could give it the ol’ college try. Here’s what he tweeted earlier this week about the uptick in anti-AAPI violence in America:

Care to follow up on that today, Eugene?

Does Eugene Gu see patients regularly? May we humbly suggest that his patients seek medical care elsewhere, from someone who isn’t a race-obsessed, ignorant little troll?

Dr. Eugene Gu is a white supremacist. Pass it on.

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