Don Winslow is apparently an international bestselling author of fiction books, but it’s Twitter where he really shines.

See, Twitter lets him use a different part of his brain. Namely the demented part.

Take a look at his tweet about a photo of GOP Sen. Rand Paul with GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert:

Don’t worry, Don. You don’t sound like an alarmist. More like just a really weird dude who is, quite possibly, certifiably insane.

Seriously, Don Winslow is nuts.

We’re not sure why Rand Paul and Lauren Boebert would “mate” in the first place. But the fact that that’s where Don Winslow’s mind went suggests that he’s got some issues to work through, and he shouldn’t keep putting that off.

Wonder if he can get in on some kind of group rate, because there are quite a few others out there with some problems that need to be addressed:

But it’s Rand Paul and Lauren Boebert who need psychological help.

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