Yesterday, University of Miami professor and MSNBC analyst Fernand R. Amandi shared with his nearly 95,000 Twitter followers that Miami Beach was the “center of the #COVIDIOTS universe,” offering up this photo as proof:

How could Florida Gov. Ron DeathSantis let this happen? He really is the worst!

Well, he and the #COVIDIOTS, that is:

Follow-up: If you insist on shaming #COVIDIOTS, make sure you’re not the actual #COVIDIOT first. Not just for our sake, but for yours as well:

And it gets even better:

Like Fernand R. Amandi, Morgan State journalism professor Dr. Jason Johnson is an MSNBC political contributor — a and liar and/or moron:

Further proof that the blue checkmark is not an indicator of credibility or intelligence.

Just another day ending in “y.”

No. And if we were you, we wouldn’t expect an apology.

My tweet was wrong and dishonest but it still stands!

Of course he won’t.

And of course Jason Johnson isn’t sorry, either:

“Fake, but accurate.”

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Of course Joy Reid got in on it, too:

Meanwhile, Jason Johnson — the journalism professor, recall — is making it abundantly clear that he doesn’t care about disinformation:

Dr. Johnson couldn’t make time even if he wanted to … he’s far too busy journalisming.



Blue-checked prog podcaster pretty sure he’s got Ben Shapiro dead to rights (now who wants to tell him?)