As we reported yesterday, newly appointed Teen Vogue editor in chief Alexi McCammond “decided to part ways with [Teen Vogue publisher] Condé Nast” after some problematic tweets she sent as a 17-year-old were brought to light:

To be clear: her past tweets have overshadowed the work she’s done because the Woke Mob is relentless and ruthless and bloodthirsty.

In a sane world, things people say as 17-year-olds wouldn’t become a permanent stain that could potentially derail their careers. But we’re no longer living in a sane world, are we?

Journalist and bestselling author Malcolm Gladwell — who doesn’t fit neatly into the Woke Mob’s mold of what a critic of cancel culture is supposed to look and sound like —ppppppppp is deeply troubled by what’s happened to Alexi McCammond and the fact that it’s only the latest car on the runaway train heading toward the cliff’s edge.

Gladwell has posed a series of questions to Condé Nast in the wake of McCammond’s departure:

Condé Nast is in the business of words. Surely they’ve got some for Malcolm Gladwell, right?

After all, he’s written for the New Yorker for decades, and Condé Nast also publishes the New Yorker.

Will Condé Nast hang Gladwell out to dry, too?

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