Mike Barnicle calls himself “an award-winning print and broadcast journalist and a social and political commentator.” Which sounds pretty good, until you take a look at his actual body of work:

The plagiarism and lying go hand-in-hand with Mike Barnicle being an all-around bad person.

But if you’re looking for more evidence of his awfulness, this should fit the bill nicely:

Anger and fear and suspicion and racism and bigotry and violence and hatred didn’t exist in great degree in this country until Donald Trump came along!

We’d like to see Mike Barnicle’s proof that Donald Trump’s rhetoric or actions had anything whatsoever to do with the massage parlor shootings.

And we know that we’ll see no such thing. Barack Obama and the media spent eight years blaming George W. Bush for so many problems, but that was still nothing compared to how the Left is using Donald Trump as a scapegoat for every single bad thing that happens and will ever happen.

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