With all the egg left on their faces after so many months of fluffing Andrew Cuomo, CNN is pretty desperate to shift attention to other governors’ awfulness. Particularly Republican governors’ awfulness.

Particularly Ron DeSantis’ awfulness.

While Florida has suffered during the COVID19 pandemic just like pretty much every other state, it has not become the graveyard that so many in the media seemed to hope it would be. The state is actually doing pretty well, all things considered, and CNN can’t just let that slide. They’ve got to come up with some kind of dirt on Ron DeSantis that’ll stick.

So here’s what they’ve come up with for the time being:

Jeff Zeleny writes:

After a year of criticism by health experts, mockery from comedians and blistering critiques from political rivals, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is standing unabashedly tall among the nation’s governors on the front lines of the coronavirus fight.

“Everyone told me I was wrong,” DeSantis, a Republican, said in a fundraising appeal on Tuesday, drawing attention to his defiance against the pandemic. “I faced continued pressure from radical Democrats and the liberal media, but I refused to back down. It’s clear: Florida got it right.”

As many parts of the country embark on an uneasy march toward normalcy, Florida is not only back in business — it’s been in business for the better part of the past year. DeSantis’ gamble to take a laissez faire approach appears to be paying off — at least politically, at least for now, as other governors capturing attention in the opening phase of the pandemic now face steeper challenges.

Ron DeSantis actually has the gall to take credit for helping Florida navigate the COVID19 pandemic relatively successfully, even though comedians mocked him? The same comedians who swooned over Andrew Cuomo? Even though he got blistering critiques from political rivals? The same political rivals who swooned over Andrew Cuomo?


How dare he take credit for the good things happening in Florida when the media blamed him for the bad things happening in Florida?

CNN’s more than comfortable blaming DeSantis for every COVID19 death in Florida:

So wouldn’t it stand to reason that they give him credit for Florida booming?

It’s almost as if CNN is disappointed that Florida is doing relatively well. But that would mean that CNN is full of partisan hacks.

Yep, that sounds like CNN.

Fake, but accurate.

Better luck next time, MSM.