We’ve come a long way, baby:

More from Fox News:

Columbia University is planning to hold six additional graduation ceremonies for students according to their race and other aspects of how they identify.

The New York City school’s website details graduation ceremonies for Native, Asian, “Latinx” and Black students taking place for Columbia College, Columbia Engineering, General Studies and Barnard College at the end of April. Another dubbed “FLI Graduation” is for “first generation and/or low income community.” The school also hosts a “Lavender” graduation for the “LGBTIAQ+ community.”

Due to coronavirus restrictions, the ceremonies will take place online. It’s unclear when the separate ceremonies were announced, but Sunday was the deadline for nominating individuals in Columbia College, Columbia Engineering and General Studies for the “Multicultural Affairs Graduation Cords.”

TFW things are so progressive, they’re actually moving backward.

Apparently Georgetown is also very committed to multiculturalism:

The fact that these ceremonies are supplemental to the main one doesn’t really make this whole thing less stupid.

At this point, colleges and universities could save themselves a lot of trouble by just limiting themselves to one group of people. If they’re already segregated, “separate but equal” is built right in! No need to put in all the extra work to organize separate supplemental ceremonies.

Ain’t multiculturalism grand?



Columbia University would like to be very clear about something:

(As we pointed out above.)

OK? And?

C’mon, Columbia. Surely you can come up with a better explanation than that.