We have now officially reached Day Three of the Taylor Lorenz Pity Party Super-Duper Extravaganza, and it’s still the hottest ticket in town!

Seriously, all the stunningly brave firefighters want in on the action.

Fox News should be ashamed of using Taylor Lorenz’s New York Times headshot in a segment calling out Taylor Lorenz for using her considerable platform to kick off online bullying and harassment campaigns! Don’t they know it’s destroyed her life???

Wesley Lowery gets no sympathy.

You know who else gets no sympathy? Like, actually gets *negative* sympathy?

Remember a gal named Talia Lavin?

We have no doubt that Talia Lavin stands in solidarity with Taylor Lorenz. Because, like Taylor Lorenz, Talia Lavin is a flaming garbage person.

Yes. Yes she did:

Talia Lavin. Of all f*cking people.

In multiple seats.

Please, Talia.




‘Disgusting bulls***’! Ben Shapiro drops the hammer on WaPo and Talia Lavin for this blatant, ‘gross’ smear job; UPDATED