This morning, S.E. Cupp brought a very important story to her Twitter follower’s attention.

Guys, did you know that Andrew Cuomo wasn’t honest about COVID19-related nursing home deaths in New York?

Whoa. Like, whoa.

Right? Seriously.

Well, yes. When you work for CNN, that’s pretty much a job requirement.

Case in point:

OK, so first of all:

Even knowing that Andrew Cuomo ordered nursing homes (and group homes for the developmentally disabled) to accept patients who had tested positive for COVID19, CNN is still framing it in a way that keeps Cuomo’s hands clean. Just gross.

Gross, CNN.

But aside from that, behaving as if they’ve blown the lid off of some story that literally everyone with eyes and ears knew about is just about as CNN as it gets.

Like it was their job or something.

Andrew Cuomo was CNN’s man of the hour 24/7.

CNN’s got brass ones. We’ll give them that much.

Well of course. It’s not like CNN to hold themselves accountable … why start now, after all this time?