Remember Rebekah Jones? She’s the stunningly brave data scientist who blew the whistle on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for ignoring her warnings about the dangers of reopening the state during the COVID19 pandemic. She lost her job over her stunning bravery, for crying out loud!

Well, Cosmopolitan certainly hasn’t forgotten her. In fact, they’re featuring Jones in her very own “Cosmopolitan exclusive,” complete with glamour shots and snazzy videos:

Did we mention that Rebecca is stunningly brave?

Cosmopolitan is totally serious, sir:

Oh, we have no doubt Rebekah Jones told you a story, Emily. If there’s one thing she’s actually good at, it’s telling stories.

Like the story she told you about being a COVID19 whistleblower, for instance.

Won’t age well? Hell, it started decomposing before Emily even finished writing it.

May we also recommend reading @politicalmath’s thread? Because you should do that.

See, unlike Rebekah Jones, PoliMath actually takes evidence into consideration before weighing in on the facts of a particular situation:

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