We’re on Day 2 of notorious serial online bully Taylor Lorenz’s latest pity party about being bullied online, and so far, it shows no signs of slowing down.

So, in order to keep up, people who know Lorenz’s true nature are just going to have to keep calling her out. And who’s more familiar with Lorenz’s pattern of online abuse than one of her victims?

Like Ariadna Jacob, for example. Check out her Twitter bio:

“Innocent target of unfair NYT Taylor Lorenz smear.” You’ve got our attention, Ms. Jacob.

Do tell:

So, not only did Taylor Lorenz put out a hit job on Ariadna Jacob, but she also failed to disclose a potential reason she might have put out said hit job to begin with?

It would appear that Taylor Lorenz is extremely unethical, yes.

We knew Taylor Lorenz was bad news, but we didn’t realize the extent of it.

Taylor Lorenz’s pals can keep supporting and uplifting her if they want to. But ultimately, she’s still a garbage person, and people who would support Taylor Lorenz are garbage people, too.

It certainly does.